General Information

The application process for acceptance to graduate and post-graduate programs is done directly by the student or researcher with Harvard University.
Applications for funding from the Fundación are to be completed after the student has been accepted to Harvard University.

1. Students eligible for partial funding from the Fundacion must be Mexican citizens or permanent residents and, must demonstrate economic need.

2. It is a requirement of the Fundacion that students return to work in Mexico once their studies and practical training (up to 2 years) are completed. [For students who have prior medical degrees, a residency program outside of Mexico is not permitted as OPT.]. If the student opts not to return, all support received from the Fundacion is to be reimbursed immediately. Research Fellows must return immediately after the termination of the period the Fundacion ́s last award covered.

3. The candidates of the PhD programs granted by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, supported by the Harvard/Conacyt/Fundación Agreement who do not return to Mexico must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Fundacion research or work directly related to Mexico during the following 8 years after graduation; otherwise the support received from the Fundacion will be repayable.

4. It is our intent to support students from Mexico to the programs in science and public health. Students with a medical degree who have been accepted to any graduate program at Harvard University must have completed residency training or a doctoral program in Mexico prior, to be eligible to apply for financial support to the Fundación. The Fundación may consider however applications where a residency in Mexico has not been completed, but demonstrate clear intentions to pursue research, public health research, or the field of public health. If inclined toward public health, a prior history in public health administration in the Mexican Health System and Institutions will be required. It is also important to note our policy in Section: General Information. Point 2. The Fundación reserves the right to determine if an application will be allowed.

5. The application process for acceptance as a Visiting Scholar to the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies is done directly by the professor/researcher with the Center. Priority is given to Mexican Scholars working on issues related to current or foreseen social and public policy matters, including economic development, education, public health and health policy, environment and political development. To the extent a research proposal of an historical perspective has application to a contemporary issue, the criteria is met as well. scholars

6. Funds granted for the Fundacion Mexico en Harvard - Antonio Madero Visiting Scholar are in dollars and cover fully costs for the time the researcher is at residence at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.


1. Funds granted by the Fundacion are always in dollars and cover partially the single student cost of the graduate or post-graduate program. (PhD programs within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are fully supported under the Harvard/CONACYT/FMH Agreement, and students need not apply to the Fundacion via the website application).

2. Doctoral programs at the Harvard School of Public Health are covered with a full scholarship and students need not apply to the Fundación via the website application.

3. Partial assistance for additional Visiting Scholars at Harvard's Schools, Centers and Institutes may also be available, budget permitting.

4. Grant funding for doctoral studies is limited to five years.

If approved for support please note the following terms:

For funding in the form of loans, loan repayment generally works as follows:

For funding in the form of loans, loan repayment generally works as follows:

1. A one year grace period after graduation is given prior to the commencement of payments.

2. Payments are made quarterly over a two year period hence.

3. Interest accrues on the loan at 5% p.a. fixed from the date of disbursement.

4. It should be noted that should the student choose not to return to Mexico after completing his or her studies and practical training abroad (up to 2 years), funding in the form of a grant becomes a loan repayable immediately and accrues interest from the date of disbursement at a rate of 4% per month.

5. The same penalty applies for funding in the form of loans, for students who choose not to return.

Fundacion Mexico en Harvard will list any student with the Mexican Credit Bureau who is late in fulfilling his/her payment obligations, starting July 2012.