Roberto Kretschmer Scholarship

In March 2005 the FUNDACION suffered the loss of Dr. Roberto Kretschmer, one of our founding members. Dr. Kretschmer, alumnus, extraordinary pediatrician and renowned scientist, worked tirelessly to develop institutional links and to encourage young physicians and researchers to pursue post- graduate studies at Harvard's schools, hospitals and research centres.

Priority will be given to the following areas, which represent Roberto's lifes' work:

1. Immunology-Amebiasis-Clinical Research

2. Immunodeficiency

3. Immunoparasitology

4. Immunogenetics

5. Immunovirology


The student or researcher must:

1. The student or researcher must be a citizen or permanent resident of Mexico.

2. The student or researcher must have been accepted to Harvard University for graduate study in the Harvard School of Public Health, or as a Research Fellow in Harvard Medical School or its affiliated hospitals and institution in the aforementioned areas of study. This can include other multidisciplinary programs related to public health and emphasizing mechanisms that lead to better diagnostic skills, the development of vaccines and other interventions for the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

3. The student or researcher must demonstrate economic need.

4. The student is required contractually to return to Mexico upon graduation or upon completion of a period of " practical training ". Should the student choose not to return, all support received by the Fundacion is to be reimbursed immediately.