Are you interested in applying to Harvard’s graduate programs?

Even when the Fundación is not involved in any way on the admission process to apply to Harvard, below find useful information and general guidelines you should follow if you are considering applying to any graduate program:

1. Choose the school you are interested in: Harvard University offers many different graduate programs across all schools and on their website you can find the complete list:

3. Generally, you will need to complete the following steps to apply:

  • On-line application: You can find it on the Admissions page of each school
  • Transcripts: from your undergraduate studies
  • Standardized tests: The required test may vary depending on the program, but in general the two tests you may take are the GRE of the GMAT

Graduate Record Examination: (GRE) for more information:

Graduate Management Admission Test: (GMAT) for details:

  • Language proficiency tests: You can submit either the TOEFL or IELTS
  • Curriculum Vitae: This may include aspects of your career or life that would normally not be included in a CV for a job interview, like personal interests or future plans.
  • Recommendation letters: Make sure the people that recommend you know you very well, can speak to your strengths with specific details and have the time to write a comprehensive letter. The number of letters may vary, but normally you will need three.
  • Essay or Personal Statement: Be thorough and review your text several times. Be sure you have the time to write a sincere and honest essay that will help the admissions departments get to know you even better.
  • Please consider different schools and programs may have additional or different requirements. Be sure to read the admissions page carefully.
  • We highly recommend you follow and read the school’s Admission Blogs as they do offer admission advice and tips on the process.
  • There are different admission consultants that can help you with the application process, as well as help prepare for the standardized tests.

An option in México, and an option in USA,

Remember you lose 100% of the shots you don’t take,

so consider applying for graduate study at Harvard University!

Fundación México en Harvard is ready to help finance your studies once you are accepted.

For more information on the programs we support please visit: