Agreement of support for PhD programs -

Harvard/CONACYT/Fundación México en Harvard

This important agreement between Harvard University, CONACYT and the Fundacion Mexico en Harvard was signed in October 2004 to support all PhD programs in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities for all Mexican candidates accepted at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Scienes.

Scholarship support will cover 100% of the cost of these programs throughout the duration of their studies, and will include special research awards for the top natural sciences candidates, and dissertation completion fellowships for students in the humanities and social sciences.

This agreement will apply to 57 PhD programs at GSAS, including 16 interfaculty PhD programs that link the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Kennedy School of Government, the Business School, Medicine, Dental Medicine, Public Health, Design, Law and Divinity.

PhD students  supported by the Harvard/Conacyt/FMH Agreement, who do not return to Mexico upon graduation to work full-time for two years, must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Fundacion research or work directly related to Mexico during the following eight (8) years after graduation; otherwise the support received from the Fundación will be repayable.

These students will need to validate and seek authorization from the Fundación on their contributions each year and provide their updated contact information.

Definition of Contribution to Mexico for PhDs:

  • Substantive collaborative research with investigators or faculty members based in Mexico, as evidenced in collaborative data collection and joint submission of research and training grants,
  • Research project undertaken at the request of a Mexican institution, with results to be for the benefit of that institution, or Mexico in general. Guest lectures sponsored by reputable universities or research institutions in Mexico,
  • Invite or hire Research Fellows or interns from Mexico to his/her lab or institute abroad,
  • Mentoring and formally advising future PhD and Doctoral candidates from Mexico to Harvard,
  • Assistance and feedback to FMH on initiatives where their expertise would be helpful,
  • Lead or participate in instruction at Clubes de Ciencia, or lead a summer program or J term (seminar or course instruction) at qualifying academic or research institutions in Mexico.