Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What programs of Harvard does the Fundacion support?

  1. All Masters, PhD and Doctoral programs at Harvard University.
  2. 57 PhD programs of the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, including 16 interfaculty programs in the Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities under the Harvard/CONACYT/FMH Agreement which provides full scholarships to all students from Mexico for the duration of their studies. These awards also include Dissertation Completion Fellowships; Ver convenio CONACYT
  3. Postdoctoral Fellowships: Support will be given through the existing Research Fellows.
  4. Scholarly works by Mexican professors at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies and other Centers, Institutes and Schools of Harvard. Priority is given to the areas of education, public health, economic policy and development, and the environment.

2. Are the scholarships or loans provided by the Fundacion only for tuition or can the support be used for other purposes?

The support we provide can be utilized as you wish; tuition, living expenses or for other needs for the program.

3. For which programs do you provide scholarship support and those you provide loans?

Loans are provided for the LLM program of the Harvard Law School, the masters programs of the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. For all other programs of Harvard, scholarship support is provided.

4. What is the deadline for submitting an application?

May 5th of each year, or the working day prior if the deadline date falls on a weekend.  If you are applying for our support and are commencing a program beginning in July, please email us so that we may adapt our timeline.

5. When will you inform the applicants of your decisions?

By June 1st of each year.

6. Can I apply for your financial support before I receive an offer from Harvard?

No, you can only apply once you receive your acceptance letter from Harvard.

7. If I am on the waitlist at Harvard University and I receive my offer letter after your deadline, can I still send my application?

Yes, please send it to the Fundación!

8. Can the Fundación give me advice on how to improve my application to Harvard?

NO. The Fundación's by-laws do not permit that we intervene in any way with the application process with Harvard. This would pose a conflict of interest. What we will be happy to do is to put you in contact with alums, who have recently graduated or who are still studying in Harvard, who are willing to give some advice and may also be able to answer questions you may have that are program specific.

9. How does your policy of returning to Mexico and working for 2 years full time in the country work exactly?

Our policy requires that students work full-time in Mexico for 2 years post graduation. A student may remain out of Mexico for a maximum of 2 years, after graduation, for practical training, before returning to Mexico to comply with the 2 years full time work in Mexico obligation.