Our Goals

The Fundación Mexico en Harvard, A. C., was established to provide support to Mexican students admitted to graduate and post-graduate programs at Harvard University.

By strengthening access to Harvard to distinguished professionals in all disciplines, The Fundación México en Harvard is investing in the nation's future and in developing leadership for Mexico in the 21st Century.

The Fundación grew out of an initiative taken by Harvard to strengthen the University's relations internationally. Harvard chose to emphasize twelve countries, including Mexico, where it would promote a greater interchange of students and scholars, as well as more scholarly studies on Mexico.

Throughout its history, The Fundación has provided more dan 1,100 awards to Mexican graduate students and researchers helping them fulfill their dreams.

The concrete goals of the Fundación are the following:

1. To promote applications from a larger number of students and researchers to Harvard University.

2. To complement the financial support offered by the Mexican Government to students pursuing graduate studies in specific fields.

3. To provide full scholarship funding to support a Mexican Scholar in residence at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University. The Antonio Madero Visiting Scholar will be devoted to conducting significant research on Education related fields in Mexico.

Additional scholarly support for research fellowships from Mexico within the various Schools, Centers and Institutes at Harvard University may be available, budget permitting.