Our Goals

The Fundación Mexico en Harvard, A. C., was established in 1989 to ensure that all Mexican students admitted to graduate and post-graduate programs at Harvard University have adequate financial resources to pursue their education.

By providing grants and loans to Mexico 's future leaders in academia, business, government, law, medicine and social enterprise, the Fundación is investing in the nation's future.

The Fundación grew out of an initiative taken by Harvard to strengthen the University's relations internationally. Harvard chose to emphasize twelve countries, including Mexico, where it would promote a greater interchange of students and scholars, as well as more scholarly studies on Mexico.

The Fundación has provided 1,048 awards during the past 27 years to students and for scholarly works, disbursing a total of US$ 12.4 MM in assistance.

The concrete goals of the Fundación are the following:

1. To guarantee that all Mexicans admitted to graduate and post-graduate degree programs at Harvard receive the financial support they need to attend. For the sake of the future of the country and the careers of these intelligent young men and women, the Fundacion strives to ensure these promising individuals their places at Harvard.

2. To encourage an increasing number of Mexican students and scholars to apply for admission to Harvard by assuring them the economic means to pursue this education

3. To finance the greatest possible number of candidates to Harvard University.

4. To complement the financial support offered by the Mexican Government to students pursuing graduate studies in specific fields. The funds awarded by these institutions frequently fail to cover the cost of graduate school at Harvard.

5. To provide full scholarship funding to support a Mexican Scholar in residence at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University. The Antonio Madero Visiting Scholar will be devoted to conducting significant research on Mexico. Priority is given to those working on issues related to current or foreseen social and public policy matters, including economic development, education, public health and health policy, environment and political development. To the extent a research proposal of an historical perspective has application to a contemporary issue, the criteria is met as well. Additional scholarly support for research fellowships from Mexico within the various Schools, Centers and Institutes at Harvard University may be available, budget permitting.

We extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Deloitte for their excellent service and continuous support to the Fundacion Mexico en Harvard.